lundi 29 août 2016

VLOG 02 - A Song in the Voïd - Animating a World

VLOG 02 - Animating a World!
(or in this case, vegetation on an island).

Our odyssey continues as we build the first island of A Song in the Voïd
The Island of the Karshick starts out as a rather blend type of place, but as more of the music permeates the world, the vegetation will come alive, move and there might even be some life forms that you'll be able to see!

Check out our new video, meet the Graphics Team, and enjoy!
Next week, it will be all about the process of going from an idea and concept art, to a finished 3D element integrated in the world of the game.

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mardi 23 août 2016

From Songmasters to A Song in the Voïd

A white whale (figurative translation) Something you obsess over to the point that it nearly or completely destroys you. An obsession that becomes your ultimate goal in life; one that your life now completely encircles and defines you.

A New Project for PC!

Every one can relate to this. Every one has a dream, a perfect project, a wonderful idea, something they truly cherish and embrace as their own, as their virtual child in the recesses of their mind and heart. It's the hope that one day, you will attain this holy grail that drives you forward. And yet, if you often fail at it, you start to lose your grip on either reality, confidence in yourself and abilities, or simply, hope. Just as Captain Ahab stood to lose everything in his obsession to Moby Dick, we, at Armogaste, have striven to find a way to make Songmasters (aka Song Lords) a reality. A world driven by music, where everything you did to sound affected your environment in a direct way.

Songmasters went through many versions, from the original roleplaying game, to a card game, a board game, videos and songs, an ill fated attempt at a web browser game where youtube videos and songs were the weapons of choice of the players in a sci-fi setting. Songmasters became Song Lords and a mobile app was developed but did not respond to our own requirements, and it was put aside. Just as a dying corpse being prodded for remaining life, we attempted to resurrect the project many times, and under a myriad of forms. All of which were not satisfying to us.

We continued our merry way, creating game apps for mobiles and tablets, but all the while hoping, wishing and thinking of new ways to bring about the musicalypse. We were determined but short of original ideas to make it work.

This process, this search, came to a wonderful conclusion. We had to rethink what we wanted the player to experience and not simply the form this particular universe should take. Within a matter of weeks, our team grew to incorporate 3D artists, sound engineers, musicians and a dedicated team of developers.
I am proud to announce that Armogaste is working on a musical game that will push back the limits of the expectations of players, and give the Songmasters universe a fresh start.

The idea was simple: We would use music to animate the dangers found in a world where every element was controlled by tracks of the music. Every track would inform every element on how to behave. The player would then have a direct impact on the game, as he collected and fought tracks within an audio universe. This new game will be based on player expectations, and not what we would impose on him.

And for the first time, we started building this game outside of the White Whale curse.

Starting on the 22nd of August 2016, I will post here and on our Youtube channel, news, artwork and interviews on the project. I hope you enjoy this adventure with us.
Stay tuned, and let us know if you're interested in the project, I'll make sure that you get our newsfeeds and articles!

Matthias Crévieaux